Creative and Wacky Recruitment Ideas that Work

Let’s be honest…do traditional recruitment methods really work? What are the chances that your company would actually land a candidate who absolutely fits a given role? How many times do you find yourself scanning through thousands of resumes and making hundreds of frantic calls only to see that just a few of the candidates have actually turned up for the interview. The worst case scenario isas bad as it gets! Seriously, if only there was some magic you could weave, just so you could have so many ELIGIBLE, ‘PERFECT FOR THE ROLE’ candidates to choose from. Well, not magical, but we could make things interesting for you! Just take your pick from these creative and wacky recruitment ideas that actually worked:

1. It’s an Open House, People!Just have an open house interview. Instead of going through piles of resumes, just call all applicants for the interview at once. This idea worked wonders for the company, I Love Rewards, which had received 1,200 applications for a position. The CEO was smart. Rather than going through all the profiles, he invited all the applicants to an open house. Surprisingly, only 400 applicants actually turned up!Imagine making selections after reading 1,200 resumes only to see a small portion of them turn up? I Love Rewards bypassed that problem! The 400 applicants who made the effort to show up were assembled and sent for group interviews. Promising individuals were identified, picked and put through a round of personal interview. The advantage? Through group interviews, the hiring managers saw how the candidates interacted in different settings and this made the hiring process all the more easier.

2. Shhh…Go IncognitoAnother wacky recruitment idea? Go undercover! Any applicant would tell you how diligent, efficient, hard-working, skilled and dedicated he is. But is that really the truth? How would you know that the candidate who just convinced you about it in an interview will actually deliver? Most recruiters go on a hunch. You don’t! Just go undercover to seek out the best just like Volkswagen did. When Volkswagen was in search of talented mechanics, it sent undercover employees to drop off damaged cars all across Germany’s repair shops. A job ad was placed on the undercarriage of each of the damaged cars. This helped the company reach target candidatesmore easily. It also helped the recruiters interact with each mechanic who dropped off a repaired car to understand more about the worker and his work ethics. Smart that!

3. Going GameJust host a game if you want the best talent! This wacky recruitment idea is suitable for positions that require a niche skill. Rather than going through hundreds of unqualified resumes, just host a puzzle or challenge that is based on that niche skill. The results will quickly help separate the star from the pack just like Quixey did. The company, which is a Silicon Valley start-up, wanted to identify talented engineers with specific abilities. Competing with giants like Facebook and Google, Quixey needed an innovative way to attract talent. Quixey held contests where talented engineers could win $100 by solving a sixty-second programming problem. In order to qualify for the contest, the participants had to answer three practice problems. The contest brought Quixey access to some very great talent. According to co-founder Liron Shapira, some of the company’s best hires came through this contest.So get creative with your recruitment approach. If some wacky ideas are jumping inside you, just share them with us and we’ll let others know!